Under Your Shoe

Under Your Shoe is a collection of sidewalk images photographed at the site and for the duration of Sidewalk
ConfettiSidewalk Confetti was a temporary public art commission installed on Central Avenue in the heart of downtown Kansas City that I carried out during the spring of 2006.  I gathered images for Under Your Shoe from May through September making a daily pilgrimage to the Central Avenue location documenting bits of rubbish and residue left by people who live, work and pass through the neighborhood.  The images were photographed by placing my camera on the ground so I could scrutinize the subject at eye level.  Using repetitive sequences of images in grid form, I assembled individual photographs en masse on the exterior windows of the Jenkins Building at 13th and Walnut.  Ribbons and striations of color began to form during installation, emerging into a visual and textural portrait unique to Central Avenue.  Exposed to existing weather conditions the paper images began a process of deterioration over the winter months leaving the installation with a life not unlike the debris it depicted.

Under Your Shoe, an Urban Culture Project exhibition, was installed on the exterior face of the Jenkins Building in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Urban Culture Project, an initiative of the Charlotte Street Foundation, creates new opportunities for artists of all disciplines and contributes to urban revitalization by transforming spaces in downtown Kansas City into new venues for multi-disciplinary contemporary arts programming.

Under Your Shoe (pdf)